What should I wear to Class?

For Pole Class shorts and t-shirt are best as you need skin to grip the pole. If you feel uncomfortable in shorts you will be ok for the first few lessons in jogging bottoms or leggings (although covered legs will limit the amount of moves that you are able to try and also make the moves you are doing more difficult as the bare skin on your legs assists with grip). Most people go barefoot in class although if you want to wear trainers or shoes that is fine.

Please avoid using body lotions or oils before class as these transfer onto the poles making them slippery.

Please remove all rings and metal jewellery during class as these can damage you, the poles and the poles may damage your jewellery.

For Aerial Hoop class close fitting clothing that allows you to move freely is best. Some people like to wear several layers for extra protection. The hoop can damage clothing so we recommend you don't wear your favourite outfit. Bare feet work best on the hoop.

For Stretch class we recommend wearing clothing that allows you to move freely and keeps you warm. Grippy socks are good if you have them.


Are there any restrictions about who can take part?

Participants must be at least 16 years old to take part. There is no upper age limit.

Anyone that has recently undergone surgery or given birth will need to allow at least 12 weeks afterwards before they can take part.

Please contact us if you are unsure.


Where are classes held?

Classes are held in our dedicated studio at Unit 2a, Initial House, Langford Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS23 3PQ.

For a map of the location Click Here


Where can I park?

There is parking for several cars directly in front of the unit. There is also plenty of free on street parking nearby. Warne Road is a good place to park in the evenings (just make sure you avoid the section that has double yellow lines) and is just a short walk past the park to the studio. Please avoid parking outside neighbouring businesses and be considerate to the local residents by ensuring you don't block any entrances etc.


Can I Cycle to class?

Yes. We encourage an active, healthy lifestyle. There is space around the back for bikes to be chained up.


How many poles do you have?

In all normal timetabled pole classes and courses there are five poles with a maximum number of two people per pole.

For taster sessions there will be no more than three people per pole.


How are the classes structured?

All pole classes begin with a warm up consisting of some cardio work followed by stretches. We then move on to the pole and concentrate on learning pole spins, tricks and transitions. There will be time to spend practising what you have learnt. We finish the class with cool down stretches.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept the following payment methods -

Visa Debit

Visa Electron


MasterCard Debit


Bank Transfer


Class Rules and Terms and Conditions

Subject to any statutory right of cancellation, all payments are non-refundable unless otherwise stated in the Terms and Conditions.

Please read the Terms and Conditions page as it contains important information.